Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book of Me Challenge

This was done for the March Book of Me Challenge at DSO... it is led by Livia who has a GORGEOUS posting bonus (do 3 of her challenges and you have a really wonderful kit named I heart sunflowers!). You had to scrap 5 of your favorite things (right now).

Of the scenic photos Ive taken, these are my 5 favorite (right now). I'm definitely no photographer, but these pictures evoke certain feelings when I look at them.

Thanks to Mrs Wresh for the template and pimpyourscrapbook for the "wooden" background paper.

Love, Renee


Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Renee,

What BEAUTIFUL photos - you SHOULD be proud of them. I'm glad you took the time to put them in a layout, they deserve it.

Just stopping in to say hello!

♥ Barb

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Renee, your landscape photos are stunning! Like Mrs. Miles said, you should be proud of them! :) Thanks for stopping by the blog - hope you're having a GREAT day!

Sue said...

You say you aren't a scenic photographer? These are gorgeous photos and your whole layout is beautiful! :)