Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book of Me Challenge

This was done for the March Book of Me Challenge at DSO... it is led by Livia who has a GORGEOUS posting bonus (do 3 of her challenges and you have a really wonderful kit named I heart sunflowers!). You had to scrap 5 of your favorite things (right now).

Of the scenic photos Ive taken, these are my 5 favorite (right now). I'm definitely no photographer, but these pictures evoke certain feelings when I look at them.

Thanks to Mrs Wresh for the template and pimpyourscrapbook for the "wooden" background paper.

Love, Renee

Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Roses.. Little Freebie!

I made these a while ago.. if you like them, feel free to download them! each rose is on it's own layer to make one less step in using them! 4shared or

I really love Kristin's new kit.. it's so soft and the elements are gorgeous! check it out on her blog, Digi Delights (each part is just $1 right now)!

Have a super great day!

PS: stop by kimb's blog.. she has some fantastic freebies going on!
Love, Renee

Lyric Challenge

I made this layout for the Lyric Challenge at DSO led by Livia. She has 3 challenges this month and if you do all 3 you get to collect a whole kit! The kit is super cute too.. it's sunflowers!

The layout is kind of plain, but I texturized the paper and extracted the picture. It came out how I wanted it to.
Love, Renee

Friday, March 13, 2009

Making Embossed Paper (PSE)

Embossing is a really fun and easy technique that makes your paper pop!

1. Bring a background into PSE or make a new one and fill with color, then texture or pattern (if you like).

2. Create a new layer above your background. Using your brush, paint some designs. Painting them into a pattern looks really nice (using the Patterns in PSE won't work for this tute).

3. Duplicate your background layer and move it to the top, grouping it with your brushed pattern layer. You can't see your pattern yet, but don't worry! Leave your blending mode on normal for all layers.

4. Select your brushed pattern layer and apply a bevel to it. I used simple sharp inner, but you can use anything you like.

5. Play around with the opacity until you get the embossing to your liking. You can change the light source and see how different the embossing looks.

Love, Renee

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Color Challenge Freebie

The March color challenge at DSO (led by kimb) is up and FLYING! Here's my contribution: 4shared or

I also made this bonus mini kit just for you visiting my blog :) 4shared or

thanks for stopping by and as always, please send your friends to my blog to download and do not send direct links!
Love, Renee

Saturday, March 07, 2009

blog awards and tag-you're-it!

Shannon at Desert Designs gave me some blog love!

the lemonade stand is " award for the neighborhood spirit and friendship our blogs let us all share"!

wasn't that so sweet - why don't you go say hi to her? she has some great stuff to share and her daughter is a gorgeous dollbaby!

I'm going to pass them on to my good friends Holly and Shuranda!

I am also going to do the "tag" thing:


•Go to your photo folder in your computer

•Go to the 6th folder of photos

•Go to the sixth picture

•Put the picture on your blog and a description of it

•Invite six friends to join the challenge

•Link them in your blog.

so.. umm this was my sixth picture in the sixth folder LOL

I don't know what that is. but it was in my food folder so I am assuming that's what it is LOL. oh wait! I know what it is...

CONEY ISLAND CHILI DOG PIE!! it is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S even for non-low carbers. My husband loves it!

I won't be tagging anyone.. but play along if you like (and make sure to try that recipe - it's awesome)!
Love, Renee

Template Challenge..and a Sneek Peek!

I guess I am challenge crazy! This one was done for the DSO template challenge, led by Bunny this month. She has a really pretty posting bonus available!

fonts: cheri and angelina

template by bunny cates

papers, stitches and elements from the kit I am making for the march color challenge (I have added the rose colors.. you didn't get to see those on the sneak-a-peek.. but look how cute that cherry blossom tree is!)

Love, Renee

Photo Op Challenge.. and 2 Freebies!

I did this one a few weeks ago, but thought I would enter it into the March Photo Op Stop Challenge at DSO. It is being led by Jazz who always has fabulous wordart posting bonuses!

and just for stopping by - I am giving away the Vintage Paper and Cluster as Freebies! The paper doesn't have Sparky on it, it is just the antique white with lace behind it. The cluster inclues the postcard, kids card, string and lace! They are both very cute - make sure to click the preview to see them closer. Special thanks to Gunhild for her CU items!

download from 4shared
Love, Renee

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Quote Challenge

This is for the March Quote Challenge at DSO, led by andrea dickinson.

You may not be able to see it, but everytime I look at this picture I know my sister is laughing hysterically.

her and that dog!

ribbon - lovely sample - bad candy
robinsegg paper - blossom love sampler - by chrissy snow
striped paper- blue paisley - by mommyscraps
heart frame - Dear Mother - by Helen Monteiro
Smile - Edwardian Script
quote and backdrop - Tempus Sans ITC

I really love that DSO gives kits as posting bonuses (they are really pretty!) and don't do the whole point system. I can't always do 20 layouts in a month just to get a buck off of some store item. I actually don't do challenges that give coupons as rewards.. maybe I'm missing out on something, but I prefer it this way.

Love, Renee

March Scraplift Challenge!

New Challenges at DSO! This is for the March Scraplift Challenge led by Beth ! She has a beautiful posting bonus up (hint hint: it has butterflies!!)

I really love these photos I took while driving. I changed them to "newspaper" black and white and then duplicated the layer. I changed the duplicate layer to Overlay, then sepia tone and finally turned the opacity down to 50%. I think it makes the BandW a little richer. There are some really nice actions out there for beautifying BandW but I forgot to load them into my PSE7.

papers, lace and bronze heart by Gunhild (CU items) and the buttons are from the scrappin cop (CU items). font used is Payrus.

Keep checking back for a new freebie sometime within the next week! It's for the Colour Challenge at DSO - and those are always fun! I'll give you 2 hints about my freebie:1) it has quilled flowers and 2) here's..

Love, Renee