Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Column Blogger

Say - did you notice I changed my blog? I made it 3 columns.

Here's how you do it. Make sure to adjust your margins too.

After setting it up, I had to change my blog background to be wider. It is best viewed in 1024+ resolution.

Of course you can still read all my blathering and silliness in other resolutions.. but if you want to change yours, just right click your desktop > Properties >Settings. Then slide that little bar around until you get the resolution where you want it.

Thanks for visiting me.. and feel free to grab a blinkie! They are on the lefthand side.
Love, Renee

1 comment:

Miss_Holly said...

If I grab a blinkie then my page will see renee!!!! hahaa.

I started adding widgets and now I am in trouble because I have 5 miles of scrolling. Get ready for some mouse jogging!

I made my first page. Its pretty quaint. But its my doggies (:

Word of the day is DEPHOM, actually..its just my verification thing..haha