Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Photoshop Brush Tips

from Obsidian Dawn:

You know how the grass that comes with Photoshop fluctuates in color, each time that you use it? You can do that with any brush that you want! Here’s how.

  • Hit F5 to bring up your brushes tab
  • Choose “Color Dynamics”
  • One way to control the color is to choose two colors for your foreground and background colors. In the case of a blade of grass, say… light green and dark green. Then set the “Foreground/Background Jitter” bar somewhere between 25-75%. When you use your brush, it will now vary in color between the foreground and background colors that you chose!

Another way (or you can do the former and then ALSO do this) is by using the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness Jitter sliders.

  • Hue will change the color itself. Set it at about 10%, and your green will become both a blue-green and a yellow-green sometimes.
  • Saturation will change the intensity of the color. Set it at 20% or so, and your green will switch between a bright, vivid green to a slightly grayed-out green.
  • Brightness will change the darkness of the color. Set it at 20% or so, and your green will range between a light green and a darker green.

Play around with these settings, and you can achieve all kinds of color variations!

Other Brush Tips from Obsidian Dawn:

Under Brush Tip Shape Spacing: This will make the brush closer together or farther apart

Under Shape Dynamics Size Jitter: This will make the size vary more or less

Minimum Diameter: This will dictate the minimum size that the brush will be (as its varying in size)

Under Scattering Scatter: This makes the brush scatter about more or stay more along the path that you’re painting

Under Other Dynamics Opacity Jitter: This makes the brushes vary in opacity as they are painted - more or less

Love, Renee


juno said...

Oooh - PS tips! I love them!
Saw your stuff on DSO CC and came to have a look :) So pretty!

Renée said...

thank you!

Miss_Holly said...

OH I like this WOTD, Racatide! Haha

I have not noticed grass showing up as diff. colors. I guess I should check this out.