Friday, June 22, 2007


Ever wonder how people make all those amazing papers? They use brushes.

Basically, brushes paint a design onto whatever you put them on.

Check out my sidebar for some links! And don't forget to click "show all" to see the whole list.

If you have trouble using brushes with your program, Ro has a great tutorial.


Holly said...

Have you tried GIMP, like photoshop. I have a couple versions of photoshop and a version of adobe photoshop elements (which was a free dl, may not be any more though)

If you are really getting into this stuff I would suggest getting a "classroom in a book -- adobe photoshop *version whatever*" They come with a cd that has various elements and it teaches you how to use photoshop..all the weird stuff. Keyboard short cuts etc etc, they are only like 30-40$ so its not painfully expensive! Annnnyways, cool pics, I like the animal one with what im assuming is your nieces and nephews names, text is hard to read but its very cute!

Renée said...

nope ive not tried that yet but thanks for the advice!

Did you click on the pictures? they enlarge when you do and you can see the names better :)

thanks !